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The Benefits of a Custom Fireplace
Insert at Up to 50% Less Cost
Which Flex are you?

An iconic collection of 150 fireplaces.
Choose yours in 3 simple steps.

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Fireplace Style

The easiest way to start to work out which of the models is best for you, choose if your setting will act as a room divider or a single room application.

Style Choisissez le
  • Single Sided
  • Left Corner
  • Right Corner
  • Bay
  • Peninsula
  • Double Sided
Clear Selection

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Taille d'ouverture

Pour vous aider à choisir le modèle Flex, déterminez la taille de votre mur/l'espace disponible et la surface d'ouverture idéale pour votre foyer.

Taille d'ouverture Choisissez le
  • Flex18: 18in
  • Flex32: 32in
  • Flex50: 50in
  • Flex68: 68in
  • Flex86: 86in
  • Flex104: 104in
  • Flex122: 122in
  • Flex140: 140in
  • Flex158: 158in
Clear Selection

3 Choisissez le

Now it’s time to decide how you want the viewing area to be configured. Below you’ll see what options are available in the size and style you have selected.

Configuration Choisissez le
  • 2 Decorative Boxes
  • All Flame
  • Decorative Box Left
  • Decorative Box Right
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